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Our Logo

The OneEighty logo depicts a rouleau triangle within a circle.  This stems from the idea of a Venn diagram with the components of People, Place and Technology. 

Where these intersect there is a sweet spot.

This is OneEighty.




Originally formed in 2010 as FM180 Ltd to support a single client since then, we have grown steadily year on year.  Our services have evolved from supporting an FM application and providing a shared daytime helpdesk function to becoming a full FM and BIM consultancy with 24/7 technical and customer support.

Our original strapline was ‘Turn it Around’, we moved away from the traditional and thought differently, sometimes at 180 degrees from the conventional wisdom.

Keeping to our original core principles we still provide the same alternate view to service delivery that we always have.

Our core principles are:

  • Honesty – We believe that to generate trust, you must be open and honest.  This means that sometimes you have to have difficult conversations with clients and colleagues in order to be transparent and fair.

  • Integrity – Our integrity is an extremely valuable commodity.  Our teams operate in a world where it is not always clear what the external political agenda is.  We remain focussed and dedicated to providing the best service that we can but, will never sacrifice our integrity to make a quick win.

  • Moral Courage – Along with honesty and integrity, we empower our people with the skills and support to know that they can speak up, make mistakes and find solutions.  We are all human and everyone makes mistakes.  Our no-blame culture extends to our client base, and we will go the extra mile to identify why a problem has occurred, define a solution and then support staff and clients to implement that solution.  The one thing we will not accept is poor quality.  Sometimes, that takes a certain amount of courage to explain why we won’t compromise our standards.

  • Commitment – Our commitment to our colleagues and clients is without question.  We deliver projects and solutions.  Sometimes this means that we have to put in some extra time to ensure our clients’ success.  We rise to challenges and will find a way to deliver the end result regardless of time or cost restrictions.


So, fine words but, what does that mean in reality?


The world we operate in revolves around our three main themes:

  • People

  • Place

  • Technology


Our focus is to understand the brief and also the culture of our clients.  We have to understand how that translates into the workplace and have delivered projects across multiple sectors nationally and internationally.  Once we’ve distilled the needs of the people and understood the context of the organisation and its associated workplace, we then identify potential solutions that deliver the corporate vision, or at least support it.


We are application agnostic but, have a number of software solutions to hand that we know work in particular scenarios.  We can also work with you to get more from your existing platforms.  Sometimes it’s not about a particular application being poor at its job.  Sometimes it’s a lack of understanding by the vendor, poor initial set up or a change in the organisation that has not been reflected in their systems.


All the applications we help our clients to implement are leaders in their field and can be integrated with complimentary applications or platforms to provide a cohesive ecosystem.


Speak to us for a no-cost initial consultation.  Let us help you to ‘turn it around’ and re-focus your efforts.

Meet The Team


Steve Owen

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Managing Director


Sandra Balogh

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Quality Manager

Harry 1.jpg

Harry Walker

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Applications Manager


Mitchell Owen

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Customer Success Manager

Laura Barraclough_edited.jpg

Laura Barraclough

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Company Administrator

Amy Flowers_edited_edited.jpg

Amy Flowers

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Project Manager


Oliver Nicholson

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Project Manager


Sibta Aziz

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Applications Technician


Antony Andrews

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Technical Support Advisor


Siobhan Barron

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Helpdesk Operator

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Samantha Limon

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Helpdesk Operator

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