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BIM Projects


Building Plan II

Homes for Students


To provide full CAFM scoping, development and implementation to a new portfolio of 25 sites comprising 5500 beds across 13 cities nationally. One Eighty to provide FM consultancy to Homes for Students for their CAFM Implementation and asset validation as part of the acquisition of a large portfolio for a private investment fund.


Liaising with site based teams and the FM provider we captured, collated and implemented the CAFM solution across the estate. Due to the nature of the acquisition project timescales were exceedingly tight calling for well-defined and controlled project management. The solution was delivered on time and on budget as per the client brief allowing for the new intake of students after the Easter break in 2016.


One Eighty delivered a fully functioning solution to 25 sites in 13 cities within agreed timescales. The project saw locations of differing size and complexity including some with listed status able to operate effectively utilising tradition asset management over a completely new mobile enabled system.


Inspired Villages Group

Inspired Villages

Inspired Villages.png



As part of a 5-year R&D project we were required to deliver a single building using MainManager’s unique ability to import the BIM model directly into the FM application.


One Eighty and Kajima translated the selected application into Japanese. The solution had to work given the needs of the organisation and not necessarily be a direct one to one translation. We also addressed the issue of utilising standards that can be replicated to allow automation and standardisation of imports directly from 3D models.


This system of providing a standard solution across multiple buildings in municipal settings is a massive benefit to large organisations. It both standardises the asset management strategy and de-risks the organisation as nothing is missed and categorisation is automated. Human error is reduced significantly by this approach. This has now been rolled out to other buildings within the project.

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