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Free Workshop! 

An Introduction To Understanding Workplace

This November we are offering our LinkedIn and Twitter connections, who are senior business leaders in the Yorkshire region, a free workshop on understanding what is workplace, how it is relevant to your organisation and what you need to consider when benchmarking workplace performance. 

As the workplace agenda becomes more important to businesses, at One Eighty we want to ensure our clients are equipped with the right information before embarking on any workplace change programme. We understand that off the shelf solutions can be mis-sold to organisations, often resulting in costly and ineffective projects. One Eighty take a different approach. We ensure that solutions are tailored to organisational needs and delivered with complete objectivity. 

Therefore this introduction workshop is designed to help senior leaders make informed decisions before embarking on a workplace change programme. 

Our sessions will include :
•   How the workplace has changed
•   Understanding the difference between space and place
•   Different work styles of the knowledge worker
•   Debunking myths and industry trends
•   How to manage and maintain an effective workplace

You may be eligible to take up this offer if your organisation is:

  • Is based in the Yorkshire region

  • Has at least 200 employees

  • Looking to gain an understanding of the importance of workplace

  • Is largely office based 

Places are limited and will only be given to eligible organisations during November 2019. 

To discuss in more detail contact us at: or 0330 66 00 180

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